New Empire Stills Reveal Henry Cavill’s Superman With Iconic ‘S’ Curl and Alter Ego Clark Kent 0

Empire magazine’s September includes the first look at Superman with the iconic ‘S’ curl and  the first official still of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent.  The issue officially goes on sale tomorrow in our part of the world, but scans of the print edition have already popped up online.  The first thing we noticed is that Superman’s iconic ‘S’ curl is happening, but in a new way.

It’s funny we thought we spotted the curl during the IMAX screening, but everything happened so fast in the trailer we couldn’t be sure.  Check out Batman v. Superman IMAX event reaction post here.  Aside from the curl, its clear that Superman means business.  Good thing Batman has that suit.


Fans are getting their first still of Clark Kent with Daily Planet pillars Lois Lane and Perry White.   Based on the trailer and this still the promise of Clark in Man of Steel is fully realized in Batman v. Superman.


Also included is a better scan of the behind the scenes shot where Superman and Batman come face to face.

zoUFi0eOther stills include Bruce Wayne with Alfred Pennyworth, played by stage and screen legend Jeremy Irons, in the burnt out shell of Wayne Manor.

Finally, there is another look at the mysterious Diana Prince, played by Gal Gadot, stepping out with amazing style.  

Empire released 3 exclusive stills, early this week, which you can see here.  The September cover is available here.

Full scans will be available tomorrow and we will have them for you.  Make sure you check back through out the day.


Source:  Empire via Josh Wilding