Henry made a lot of unsuspecting fans extremely happy Saturday when he showed up at Motor City CrossFit to help his trainer and friend, Michael Blevins, as he competed in the 2014 Michigan Barbell Classic. A number of these lucky people were gracious enough to share their pics on Instagram and Twitter and a couple of them shared their story exclusively with us. Now another one of his lucky fans, Marissa Berman, also spoke exclusively to and shared a few details about her encounter with Henry.

Marissa attended Saturday’s event as a spectator to cheer on her coaches Nick and Nicole from CrossFit 248. She revealed that every one at the gym took photos of Henry and he did not seem to mind. She approached Henry with some tees from her clothing line, Savage Colors Clothing, and seized the opportunity to have her picture taken with him.


Marissa told us Henry was really friendly and took photos with any one who wanted one. She also mentioned how friendly Michael Blevins was as well! When asked if anything stood out for her from her encounter with Henry or from observing him, she replied,

“Henry was really helpful during the whole competition and was just overall a really friendly guy.”

Another testament to the patience and kindness Henry exhibits to all his fans wherever he is.

Thank you Marissa for sharing your story and original fan photo with us!

Written by Kiki

Published 02/09/2014