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I started buying Superman and Lois Lane comic books at the age of nine.  I watched Noel Neill play Lois Lane on my television screen with George Reeves as Superman and Clark Kent.  I don’t remember specifically if my grandpa read the Superman strips in the funny papers to me or not.  But something had to pique my interest in the character to have me spend 12 of my 25 cent allowance on a comic book.
Superman is something I always come back to.  It’s like a comfort food.  I can count on it.   And the first requirement for me is:  Lois Lane.  To this day my first question when watching a show or reading a comic is, “Where’s Lois?”  How is she being treated?  To me, Lois is the litmus test of what kind of Superman I am viewing.
Maybe it’s because I read Silver Age comics where Superman held his secret against Lois because she was smart enough to figure it out.  Or maybe it’s because my first Clark Kent was based on a Golden Age character who wore glasses, didn’t fly but fought injustice in his own way, with his brain, a pen and his huge heart.
I didn’t get consistently interested in comics again until Lois Lane was FINALLY on Smallville.  I knew within the first two minutes of Erica Durance’s appearance, that she was LOIS LANE.  Which led me to start reading fan sites so I would know which episodes to watch ¨C the Lois ones.  Now, that may sound as if I like Lois better than Superman or Clark Kent.  Sometimes that may be true, but . . . it’s what Lois brings to the story or mythology.  She makes Clark/Superman better.  A strong Lois is necessary for Clark/Superman to grow as a character.  She brings out the best in him and in so doing is inspired by him ¨C as we all are.  Superman should make us want to aspire.
While on the websites, I dabbled in writing some fan fiction.  I received invitations to join other websites and eventually that led to reviewing episodes of Smallville and also Superman comics, past and current.  The writing expanded into doing podcasts.   The fan fic, the podcasts and interaction on forums led to friendships online and off.
I met the first member of what would eventually be the G2Factor, live and in person at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.  Christine was my room mate as we attended the final appearance of the Smallville cast at that venue.  Ten months later in Nashville, I met Kimmie and Tasha, live and in person, as we talked about Superman comics for 3.5 hours waiting for Christine’s flight to arrive.  We, along with our friend Maggs, viewed the Smallville series Finale together.  We are definitely NOT fake geek girls.
Four months later the new 52 came into being.  It’s been a long hard struggle for lovers of Superman and his mythology.  But, inevitably, our hero gives us hope.
And maybe that’s why I keep going back to him and his story.  Hope.
¨C baudyhallee



Hi, I’m Kimmie! So I’m supposed to tell you a little bit about myself. Hmmm . . . What can I say, Superman and Batman are my guys. I love them both. Equally. And for me between The Dark Knight series and Man of Steel, I’ve been a happy camper.  Here’s a little secret, even though I watched the TV shows and went to cinema when I was growing up (Batman ’66, Superfriends, Wonder Woman, Superman: The Movie, Batman ’89 and yes even Batman & Robin), I did not purchase my first comic book (Superman/Batman #51 but of course) until 2011 and yet three years later, I still consider myself a noob to the world of comic books (still going through back issues while trying to keep up with current books). I look forward to accompanying you on your trip into the world of DC Comics via our favorite superhero, Superman.


Hi I am Tej, from South Africa. Still a student, studying hard. 

Why do I love comics? Famously once said, comics offer us an escape. I grew up always drawn to wonder of comic book heroes. The first movie I ever remember watching was Batman Returns, and according to my mum, my first word after “Mummy” was in fact “Batman”. 

My bedtime stories were classics like the entire “Death and Return of Superman”. I learnt to read on Superman 75 and a comic I still keep by my bedside Superman 84.

Why do I love Superman? That requires too many words and it still won’t touch the surface. But here goes. I love Superman because he is inspiration personified. He gives you hope and a never give up attitude. I love Superman for the fact that he’s everyone’s hero, no matter your race, gender or interests. I love Superman because of Lois. Lois taught me it’s okay to be a brave, gutsy, young woman, who can’t spell, says what’s on her mind, and wears her heart on her sleeve. And lastly I love Clark and Lois together. They’re my fairytale. A real love story. Clois is my Fairytale.