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<p>Oscar (ocsan IG) shared these new higher quality pictures of @tamsam1976 meeting Henry and Gina in Chicago this past Monday.  She shared her elusive with Henry Cavill Online.  Check it out here.
UPDATE: Tammy’s husband, OscSan (via IG), posted HD pics of his wife with Henry and Gina.

Tammy Sanchez met Henry Cavill and Gina Carano yesterday afternoon in Downtown, Chicago! We know all of Henry’s fans (and Gina’s fans) are dying for details and Tammy was gracious enough to give those details exclusively to Henry Cavill Online!

Tammy has been a fan of Henry and Gina’s for quite some time so when she heard that they were in Chicago last weekend, she was eager to try and meet them. She was in Downtown, Chicago yesterday afternoon when she read a tweet from some one who just walked by Henry on Michigan Ave. According to Tammy, she was heading south on Michigan Ave. when she spotted Henry and Gina casually strolling down the Magnificent Mile taking in the sights. She eventually caught up to them and this is what she told us about her encounter: 

I said, “Excuse me, guys?” That’s when Henry turned around and said, “Yes?” As Gina turned around I asked, “Henry? Gina?” and they exclaimed, “Yes!” with a smile. I had to take a brief moment to compose myself before I told them that I was a huge fan of both of them. They thanked me and said that was really nice. I told Gina I saw her movie In The Blood last week and that she was wonderful in it. She smiled and thanked me. I apologized for bothering them and asked if I could have my pictures taken with them and Henry said, “Yes! Of course we would love to!” and Gina said, “Absolutely.”

I got the camera ready on my phone and gave it to Henry before I hugged Gina. She hugged me back while Henry snapped the photo. After the photo was taken, I gave Gina another big hug before Henry handed my phone to her. I stood next to Henry and squeezed him a little while Gina took the photo. I told them both that I loved them very much and I think they’re wonderful. Gina said I was very sweet and Henry thanked me. I asked why they were in Chicago. Henry said, “We’re here just for enjoyment.” I told him I know he is filming the Man of Steel sequel in Michigan and he said, “Yes, we are filming it right now up in Detroit.” I turned to Gina and asked her if this was her first time in Chicago. She said it was not and that she has been here before a couple of times. She then asked, “What about you?” So I told them I was born and raised here. Henry then said, “Well it’s a lovely, lovely city.” I told them that I was glad and they are hanging out in one of the best areas.

I didn’t want to take up any more of their time (I’m totally lying I would have loved to talk to them all day but I did interrupt their vacation after all) so I wrapped up the conversation by thanking them again and that’s when Henry put out his hand, cocked his head, bent over a little, grinned and said, “Well it was a pleasure meeting you.”  I shook his hand, then Gina’s as she said, “It is a pleasuremeeting you.” And I said the same and told them that I hope they enjoy the rest of their stay here. They thanked me and we said our goodbyes.

It was a short encounter but very sweet. Although I interrupted their afternoon stroll they were not in the least bit annoyed. They were warm, welcoming and very relaxed while talking to me. They are two beautiful people inside and out and I am truly honored to have met them. It was AMAZING!

(P.S. They looked like they were having a great time. Very comfortable, stress free and HAPPY. God bless them)

We are very happy to know that Henry was able to take some time off from work to enjoy the sights of Chicago since he was not able to while he filmed Man of Steel.

A big thank you to Tammy Sanchez for sharing her photos and her story with us!

Written by Kiki

Published 04/22/2014