Henry Cavill flew to Gibraltar the last weekend in October to raise funds for The Royal Marines by participating in The Gibraltar Rock Run.  Henry was busy with official events from the moment he landed until nearly the moment he left.  But he had some down time Saturday night and that is when fans Grace Yome and Claire Pizzarello caught up with Henry at Dusk a local Gibraltar night spot.  Henry was his usual generous self and took the time to pose for  pictures with Grace and Claire.  Nine pictures to be exact.  Grace shared what it was like to meet Henry.

“hes a great guy charming and approachable very down to earth ( considering he is superman : ) ) and quite a good sense of humor…..”

Grace Yome 7 Grace previously shared this picture via Twitter.  But she reached out to us via Facebook and has exclusively shared the rest of her pictures from that evening with HenryCavillOnline.com. A mutual friend tried to capture a picture of Grace and Claire together with Henry.  It took them a while to get the picture they wanted, but Henry has a great sense of humor and posed with them till they got the one they wanted.  All of these fun pictures are result.  Yes, photobombing is happening.  In some ways these candid pics may be better than the “final” product, you can see a good time is being had by all. Grace Yome 6 Grace Yome 5 Grace Yome 4 Grace Yome 3 Grace Yome 2 Grace Yome 1   Grace Yome 8 cropped One last picture, when a “new” friend joined the fun.  Our new friend is someone that Grace and Claire met that evening. Grace Yome 9   This is just one of the things that we love about Henry Cavill, when his schedule permits he takes the time to not only take pictures with his fans, but to work with them until they get the picture they want. Special thanks to Grace Yome and Claire Pizzarello for sharing your pictures from that great night exclusively with HenryCavillOnline.com.