@ItsElizabethJ is one of the few lucky fans to meet Henry Cavill twice.  She met him the first time in 2011 and then again last night right in time for her birthday.

She reached out to us to share her picture and her story.

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How did you run into Henry?

I met him in Chicago a few years back and printed the photo and he signed it last night.  Him and his entourage were amazed by it!

Elizabeth first met Henry in downtown Chicago during Man of Steel filming in September, 2011.  She graciously agreed to share the picture she had Henry sign last night.

When we learned that Elizabeth met Henry during filming in 2011 and 2014, it occurred to us that we finally have an expert on our hands. She would know the answers.  Has Henry put on more muscle this time?  Is he more “swole?”  We had to know!

Wow, so you are qualified to say if he really is bigger now than when he filmed Man of Steel?

I will send you both pictures in a split next to each other.  We can let his fans be the judge after seeing the photo!

We count ourselves as fans.  We definitely think so!  Let us know what you think?

Did you have the chance to chat with him?  We saw another video from last night.  It looked quite hectic.

“It was hectic indeed.”  “We mostly talked about the old photo I showed him.”

You can see how hectic it was in the video that she has uploaded to her YouTube channel.


Does this scene look familiar?  You would think this is outside Chateau Marmont,

But it’s not.  This is suburban Detroit.  Apparently ALL of Hollywood has come to Michigan.

Have you been following the filming of Batman v. Superman?

Yes, not too close, but just enough to know what’s going on.  I’ve seen the set up by the studio and its incredible!

I agree.  I had a chance to see the sets in person at the beginning of June.

Elizabeth let us know that meeting Henry is a mix of business and pleasure for her.

Yes it’s a bit of both.  I do entertainment work and then other stuff is just for fun.

Elizabeth thinks she may run into Henry again.  If she does, she has graciously offered to ask him some questions from the fans.  If you  have questions that you would like to ask Henry send us an email at info@HenryCavillOnline.com.  You can also tweet us@henrycavillfan_.  We will pass them on to Elizabeth.  And people, lets keep it respectable.

Thanks again to Elizabeth for sharing her photos and video!  We appreciate it and so do the fans that aren’t able to have that Michigan experience.

Written by Nancy

Published 07/21/2014