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Batman v. Superman has the cover of Empire’s San Diego Comic-Con issue and the feature inside is massive.  The scans are now in.  You can see them all plus a transcription of the main article here.

Henry Cavill shared details on how divided and conflicted the world is in regards to Superman.

“In this movie, everyone has split into different directions as how they feel about his alien,” Cavill says, summarising Kal-El’s plight.  “Some people love him, some hate him.  Other people fear him.  Is he a tyrant?  It’s the human outlook on Superman, and that includes Lex and Batman, which is why such a major thing happens.”

Empire spoke with Zack Snyder and the production team behind the DC EU in California and during a 2014 Detroit set visit.   They got the details.   So here are a 21 things fans should know.

1.  Zack Snyder is the DC EU (Detective Comics, Expanded Universe) answer to Marvel’s Kevin Feige.  He is the architect.

2.  Inside the mystical island that is Cruel and Unusual Films (Zack Snyder’s production company) there is a special room where the DC EU is mapped out on a whiteboard.  The Justice League is the hub that all the movies in the expanded universe supports.  One wonders if that room is guarded by biometric security? A retinal scan perhaps?

Empire BvS 092015  C

3.  Batman v. Superman expands the Man of Steel universe.  Ben Affleck confirms it is not a Batman movie.

4.  You can pinpoint the moment that leads to the eventual formation of The Justice League.  Clark turns on the scout ship, it was all academic from there.  Other superheroes were watching, specifically Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

5.  This movie is Batman v. Superman because Batman was present at the Battle of Metropolis and fears that Superman will be a “beacon for aliens like Zod, bent on destruction.  To his mind, this only gets worse.”

6.  The producers refer to the Battle of Metropolis as the Black Zero Moment.


7.  How can Batman v. Superman be a fair fight?  Empire implies that the proposed Man of Steel end note featuring a Kryptonite delivery to Wayne Manor makes it into Batman v. Superman.

How it becomes a fair fight is as much about Batman’s ingenuity as Superman’s power.  Think Bat-armour.  Think Lex Luthor.  Think Kryptonite being delivered to Wayne Manor.

8.  Aquaman does not have substantial screen time in Batman v. Superman.  But viewers will definitely know he exists.

9.  Wonder Woman plays a role in the resolution of Batman v. Superman.  Possibly pointing out that they have bigger fish to fry?

Plus a fine opportunity to puncture some testosterone-fuelled egos.  “Not just the men,” she laughs, “but how ridiculous the situation seems.”

10. Producers were adamant that Man of Steel 2 would not be another invasion movie.

The Snyder brain trust is deep into a meeting about who might serve as the villain in the second Superman movie.  They consider Braniac, what they might do with Lex Luthor; all are determned it couldn’t be another alien-invasion movie.

Apply that to Batman v. Superman and the mysterious 2nd villain.

Empire BvS 092015 H11.  Lois and Clark now live together.  They share a small apartment and Clois shippers will get a look inside.   It seems very likely the shippers will see Amy Adams rocking Superman’s cape in that iconic shot.

12.  Lex Luthor lives in a mansion and we will never see his bedroom.

13.  The mythical glass house that was whispered about on various forums during the filming of Batman v. Superman does in fact exit.  It is where Bruce Wayne resides, since Wayne Manor is a Gotham worthy wreck.

14.  How does Suicide Squad tie into the DC EU? Batman is responsible for locking up the entire Task Force X in Belle Reeve.  It wraps in September.

Empire BvS 092015 D

15.  Deborah Snyder cried when Gal Gadot walked on to set as Wonder Woman.  Frankly we will probably be crying in the theater when Batman v. Superman finally debuts.

16.  Wonder Woman will be shot in London and production begins this fall.  We are hearing very late fall.

17.  The Justice League will shoot Spring 2016.  No location details were given in the article.

18.  Aquaman will follow the filming of The Justice League.

19.  This is the first Empire article on Batman v. Superman.  More is on the way that will feature all the main players.

20.  If Tim Burton’s Superman Lives had happened, the first Batman v. Superman moment could have been Michael Keaton v. Nicholas Cage.  Think about that for a moment.  Some things are worth waiting for…

21.  Batman v. Superman premieres March 25, 2016, 238 days from today.


You can read the entire feature and see all scans –> HERE


Source:  Empire