Written by: Greg Pak

 Art by: Aaron Kuder

Colors by: Will Quintana

Review by: Cloisismyfairytale

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We left off last issue with ‘Something wicked this way comes’ to Smallville. The people are possessed or brain-controlled or something, and Clark trying to escape this creepy mist that covers his beloved home town…

This issue takes off with Clark still trying to escape, and Hiro (Toymaster) not being of much assistance. Clark flies really really really fast, around and around in circles trying to escape but the mist just keeps teleporting him back in, and it causes a cycle. Clark is then whamed with telepathic energies and this causes him to black out.

And this where my main beef with this issue comes in: enough with the mind whammy on Superman. He’s had nothing but PSI foes in the New52 (Psycho Pirate, Queen Bee, Hector Hamilton, Brainiac, Doomsday having chats in his mind). It’s getting boring. I know this is Action Comics, and we need Action and to see Supes beat up another monster, but Action without plot is dull.

Anyway, while blacked out Clark remembers a time when he was young there was a crop fire, and people were trapped so he went off to save them. However, he used his freeze breath (Arctic Breath? I get confused) to try to blow out the fire. But this makes it worse and he can’t save them.

I do love the flash backs that Greg Pak gives us, because it shows a boy with more heart than this grown Superman. It’s not about getting it right, but about doing the right thing. We all fail. Even Superman. But we don’t hide under a blanket when we fail, we pick ourselves up, dust off the failure and move on, because what has happened can not be changed, we just need to do better. And this is why I hate the beard Superman has. While it makes him look ruggedly handsome, and it’s great for Movember, it symbolizes his blanket. He made a mistake, and instead of accepting it and trying to work at being better, he’s hiding from it. This is not heroic at all.

Anyway, Clark wakes up and has been taken care of by John Henry Irons and Lana Lang. Lana is still bitter about Clark not saving her parents, and drops another mean and purposely spiteful comment about how the people shouldn’t show so much faith in Superman because he doesn’t live up to it.

Just a note from myself here: Can someone scold or shout some sense at Lana? Like I’m against physical abuse, but I really want to slap Lana. She is acting like the worst type of spoilt brat, and she needs to learn that this isn’t the woes of Lana Lang show. It’s just getting beyond annoying now. I wish Greg would write Clark with some spunk. Clark takes abuse from Wonder Woman his wonderful girlfriend who point blank calls him stupid, and now he’s taking abuse from his childhood friend, who knows everything he’s going through. This is not on! This is not right! Superman shouldn’t be going through this, and as a person that loves Superman to the ends of the earth, it really breaks my heart to see this.

So, Hiro is sucked up by the mist because he was jumping through and having fun with the teleporting thing (haven’t you heard Hiro, fun isn’t allowed). So Clark, Steel (John Henry Irons) and Electrical Engineer World Saving Lana Lang goes to beat up the Mist which is now a monster. Clark mentions that the crowd is way too calm, but they believe and it feels good. I’m sorry Clark, but where were you when Lois Lane wrote her article filled with belief for Superman? Oh right, hiding under your beard.

Clark and Steel find the spot for the electrical signature, and it’s where Clark fought Doomsday. They explain that Doomsday traveled/teleported here through rifts in the Phantom Zone. Maybe they should stop stuffing the Phantom Zone full of everything and the kitchen sink.
The people of Smallville are under this monster-mists control and mind whammy Clark and Steel again. Lana electrocutes people, because that’s how you save the world according to Lana Lang, but this doesn’t work, and they mind whammy Lana. Clark uses his freeze breath again, and this breaks the mind connection long enough to get Hiro, but this opens a portal to even more monsters…

To be continued…


2.5 DP

Ending remarks: I’m really tired with Lana bringing Superman down, Clark throwing himself a pity party and monsters. I thought this story arc was suppose to be Superman on vacation Mr. Pak? Give my guy, my hero, a teeny tiny break, please and thanks.