Written by: Greg Pak

Art by: Ardian Ayaf

Review by: Cloisismyfairytale


So here we are, the climax before the end to the Superman’s Joker storyline. When we left off, our heroes (Batman, Superman, Lois and Kara) had managed to out smart and get an edge over “Superman’s Joker”: they found out that the mystery bullet being used is in fact a Kandorian. The Bottle city is in fact in Iceland, and not lost in the Phantom Zone. 

Now we join Batman, Superman and Kara getting ready to go into the Bottled City, via the help of Dr. Palmer (The Atom). Lois is ready to jump into action, but Superman stops her. It’s curious to me that Superman would stop her, and not Batman (considering both are mere mortal humans), especially since something was said about Superman and Lois in the last issue (yeah, that secret romance thing). So, is Superman protecting Lois? Of course he is. 

The three heroes travel into the Bottled City and seek out Kara’s friend from Kandor. Upon landing in Kandor, and traveling to the place where Kara’s friend is, they see there was a struggle and attack there. Superman then finds a holographic disc. It tells a story of Jor-El, that is false. Superman dismisses the holograms story on his father, but is shocked to discover his moms sister and mother are still alive. The heroes then implement a two pronged attack: Kara and Supes on the tower where the Kandorians are in a stasis like sleep, and the “Joker” villain is, and Batman on the place where Superman’s family are being kept.

In the end, we have a reveal of Superman’s Joker… The Phantom King. He has this thing developed that Jor-El disapproved of, called the living death, which he has infected all Kandorian’s with, including Kara’s friend, and Superman’s maternal aunt and grandmother. 

This was a cluttered story, mis-paced, and sadly, boring. The reveal of Phantom King was to me out of nowhere as we know nothing about him really. He appeared in Doomed, but again, we don’t know how his powers work, his back story or anything. 
This I feel has a great deal to do with no Jor-El in the Fortress. There is no story of Clark learning about his Kryptonian heritage. Why? Because Superman, Clark, has never been given a backstory. There is no origin. There is no history. There is no five years. This is because they wanted to make Superman alienated from his humanity and history to pair him with Wonder Woman. This in turn makes him hollow, and thus his story hollow. People complain about Clark not having a story, I say as a whole Superman, Clark, Kal-El, has no story. He just fights. That’s it. Hopefully, with “going back to basics” after June, DC Comics can flesh out Superman, Clark and his story.


1 DP