Written by: Greg Pak

Art by: Aaron Kuder

Review by: Cloisismyfairytale



We left off last… Honestly, I can’t remember. This story of Horror-ville has reached and exceeded it’s acceptable level of bloated-ness. Basically monsters are attacking the minds of Smallville residents, and Superman is trapped in this mist.

We see Clark having a flash back to when he was eight and there was a fire in the corn fields (drawn beautifully by Jae Lee), to where Lana races back for him and gets burned. Flash forward to present, Clark is Clark and The Kent home is burning, with Lana inside. Clark rushes to her rescue but unfortunately can’t get to her in time (watch out Clark, if you don’t save Lana she’ll never let you hear the end of that. She’ll probably come back as a ghost and remind you). The monsters suck Lana up, (with a huge page of Clark screaming Lana’s name, which I wish just once they’d have him doing for Lois) and then bring out a blast from Clark’s past: Ma and Pa Kent… Zombie-fied of course.

The scene is actually kinda good. It’s a breakfast scene, where Ma and Pa Kent are actually having a sit down talk with Clark. Yes there are some mind-warped-baddie talks mixed into it, trying to create doubt in Clark’s mind to his heroic abilities, but at the heart of it all The Zombie Kent’s give Clark some good advice: “The angriest person is usually the one most at fault.”

And New 52 Superman/Clark has been all about anger! So who’s really at fault for his current predicaments? He’s angry at Lois for dating someone. Who’s fault is that, Clark? Maybe you should have acted. He’s angry at Diana for not replicating his confession of ‘love’. Who’s fault is that, Clark? Maybe you shouldn’t have rushed into a relationship founded on false feelings, or confessed your ‘love’ out of guilt or under hesitation. He’s angry, angry and angry. It’s how Doomsday was able to infect him. Maybe he should reevaluate his own actions, rather than being a grumpy mopey idiot. I wish we could have more of Clark getting a talk to from his parents. And that’s really the issue with New 52 Superman; he has no guidance system. His parents are gone, because man Pa and Ma Kent would have told him to go after his dreams in Lois. Lois isn’t allowed to be around him, because she can talk sense into him. He has no one to talk to, or talk to him. He has nowhere to go to for advice. So he truly is lost.

Back to the story. Lana is now taken by the monster (who Greg Pak said is Ultra-Humanite) and that the monster prefers Lana’s horrors to Clark’s. Clark then releases some of his anger and blasts through the Kent home carrying his parents bodies away. He meets up with Steel and Hiro. He discuses with Steel a plan of action, but doesn’t tell him that Lana has succumb to the brain control of The Ultra-Humanite. Hiro, who was in charge of looking after these children, now sees little octopus like creatures on them, hissing and glomming on their backs. They then attach themselves to Steel and Superman (sort of like Starro). Steel tries to get rid of them but they mind whammy him.

We’re then give back story by way of Mrs. Takahara. When the town of Smallville was attacked by Brainiac and put into a coma (back before the Doomed arc) they received “brain powers”. Unsure if they’re telepathy or what. They then created this protective barrier when Doomsday ripped the Phantom Zone and created a crack, to protect people from the monsters coming out of the Phantom Zone. The Mist. These octopus monsters apparently feed off of emotions, especially fear. The children then turn and attack because the monsters are taking over them. Steel slowly succumbs to the monsters as well. Then we see the tentacles of one monster cooing Clark on, trying to woo him into giving into it… And the main center of it all is now Lana, who is trying to get Clark to come over to the dark side…

To be continued…

I must admit though, and I don’t normally do this, the art by Jae Lee and Aaron Kuder was exceptional in this. It really have it a horror feel. Which I appreciate (the 0.5 rating points is for art). But I’m not into comics for pretty art alone. There has to be a good story too. I feel like this story needed 3 or maximum 4 issues to be done.


2.5 DP

Note: I feel like this story is stuck. Panels of the same thing over and over when it could have been more. Like did we really need a whole page of Clark screaming “Lana”? I feel like Superman is currently stuck. He’s stuck in the Horror of Bores-ville in Action Comics, he’s stuck with a forced relationship and with Diana in Superman / Wonder Woman, and he’s just stuck with no direction in Superman. I wish Superman could be freed of his shackles this year and allowed to fly. I wish Lois Lane could be more involved with the narrative because she is an Action Girl and can move things along.