Written by: Greg Pak

Art by: Ardian Syaf

Reviewed by: Cloisismyfairytale


Carrying on from last issue, Superman speeds against time and an unnamed villain to save three targets: Lex Luthor, A Kahndaqi General, and a young pop star (who we later find out is the girl All Star Superman saved from jumping and committing suicide). He goes to Lex’s aid but we only find out afterwards that it’s because he’s too late for the other people, and they have already died. This causes mass chaos in the war torn country of Kahndaq as the General was negotiating a peace treaty, and a mass of young people to lose faith and hope as their idol is killed (pointed out by Lex). Superman is convinced that Lex is behind this, but is more on edge and riled up than anything else.

I think the point of this is to cause chaos for Superman. To rattle him. Unnerve him. And whom ever is behind this, is succeeding. Superman is totally lost at sea with his “joker”. And this is one of the problems I have with this direction of story. While I love reading Batman/Superman for it’s characterization of Batman and Supes, and their supporting cast (namely Lois Lane) I have a problem with what Greg Pak is always saying, and that is that Superman is still young, immature and can get unnerved. Batman keeps his wits about him, and more often than not saves Superman. Superman is mature. More mature than Batman. Superman is smart. On par with Batman. He wouldn’t let a Joker type character get under his skin. He would logic it out, and stop the person threatening his loved ones. Adventures of Superman shows us this.

Anyway, if last month was about Superman, this week it’s about Batman. He logics things out and comes up with a strategy, and proceeds to even assist with this (they use Hector Hammond to see what being could be doing this via his mental telepathic powers, in exchange for a memory). The mental locating lock on tool pin points a potential suspect: Lobo.

Now, I am a huge fan of Lobo from the Superman animated series. I thought he was a brilliant wild card to add to Superman’s world. I continuously use Lobo when I play the Injustice game, just because he’s so much fun. I am however, not a fan of this new sleek Lobo. I’m not a fan because apparently he’s the real thing and what I grew up with was a fake. It’s like a spit in my food from DC Comics saying my pre52 world is fake, and this new shiny New52 is the real thing. No, sorry. I take that as an insult. I don’t like Lobo’s weapons. I like the chain and hook and bike Lobo. No Edward Cullen Lobo.

So I’m glad Lobo didn’t last long and Superman kicked his butt. But then we roll into the motion for the next comic. Batman realizes that the unknown villain is toying with Superman, and so he suggests to set a trap, and any good trap needs bait. But Lana and Steel are off on their own, protected by Steel’s organic metal. Hiro is being watched by Wonder Woman. The Daily Planet is protected by Kara and Krypto…who is important and is left to use as bait?
Lois Lane of course. And knowing my girl Lois, she’s not gonna back down from helping Superman…

To be continued…



Reviewers note: I am glad that this story moves at a fast pace, and doesn’t stand by. I’m glad that Superman is portrayed as Superman. And I’m so glad and thankful that Lois Lane is used to propel the story and she is at the heart of it. Also, I love the art.