Henry completed the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise funds for ALS research on August 26, 2014. Henry, joined by Amy Adams, did it in style. Twitter poster alikelySassenachSpy said it best.





Henry Cavill completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today and it was worth the wait.  Henry’s answer was more than we could have ever hoped!  It was EPIC!

Not only did we see Henry complete the challenge, but he was joined by Amy Adams.  The video was shot on the set of Batman v. Superman in Pontiac, Michigan.  Henry and Amy gave us our first official video of Henry as Superman in the new Superman suit, and Amy as Lois Lane.

Amy, nominated by her fiancee Darren Legallo, and Henry got drenched.  And maybe because Henry is Superman or maybe because he has had so MANY nominations including Alain Moussi and Luke Evans, Henry got drenched, and drenched, and drenched…  You get the idea.   The video originally posted by Zack Snyder on his Vimeo account, cruelfilms, is now up on our YouTube channel.  You can see it below. post, “Superman Proves He’s Superman By Hardly Wincing During The Ice Bucket Challenge,” says it all!  Henry was a trooper as SIX, count them, SIX, buckets of greatly increasing size were poured over his head.  “I’m so cold” is surely an understatement.

The fans, however hit it on the head.

His hometown has weighed in and we agree, Henry OWNED the challenge!

Henry did it all for a good cause.

 The video is part of the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” a viral fundraising effort that has raised nearly $90 million by encouraging people to dump ice water over their heads on camera or donate $100 to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research (or both, as lots of celebrities have done).

Henry has had amazing support and encouragement to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Let’s continue to support Henry’s endeavors to give back.  He recently adopted two official charities, The Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund andDurrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.   Henry will run the GibRockRun on October 25, 2014 to support The Royal Marines Charitable Trust.  Fans can visit his page to sponsor him.  Henry also set up his first, official website,  Take a tour of the site to find out about his work with Durrell Wildlife and how you can join the Durrell family.

Props to Henry for taking time out to support such worthy causes as ALS research, The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.  Truly Superman!