A number of fan pics were taken with Henry as he made an appearance at the 2014 Michigan Barbell Classic competition held at Motor City CrossFit Saturday and we are fortunate enough to see several of them posted on various social media platforms. So what was Henry actually doing at Motor City CrossFit? Did he compete? Did he just drop by to observe? We were able to get the answer!

Scott Abramouski and James Stajos had the pleasure of meeting Henry at the competition and they shared their experience exclusively with


Scott, a fitness coach and owner of Beyond Primal Clothing (a clothing company dedicated to promoting health and fitness), attended the CrossFit Oly Powerlifting combo competition on Saturday.  James, Scott’s client, attended and represented Beyond Primal which sponsored the event.

According to Scott, Henry’s trainer and friend Michael Blevins wanted to participate in the event since they are in Michigan to train and film the untitled Batman vs. Superman movie. Henry came as a spectator and helped Michael rack weights during the competition.


So what do you do when you meet Superman at a gym? Talk about fitness of course! While Scott spoke with Henry about the competition and the training philosophy, James told Henry how he was inspired by Henry to get into shape. So what was James’ experience like meeting Henry?

“I was lucky enough to be able to hang out with the Man of Steel. Super down to earth! He was a great guy. Gracious and humble.”

It is not surprising but always a delight to hear what a great guy Henry is to every one around him.

Thank you so much to Scott and James for sharing your story with us!

Written by Kiki

Published 02/09/2014